Monday, September 18, 2006

"if you were my neighbour, i wouldnt like you very much either"

So... were finally starting to meet people in the building, but i think i liked it better before. We've had this ongoing saga thatsbrewing with the guy who lives upstairs that raged this weekend to the point of calling the police. I guess i should start at the begining... douglas is about 60 he is bald on top and has a HUGE mustash to make up for it. Ive never trusted anyone with a big mustash -- if you ask me theyre hiding something, besides their upper lip. Anyway.... douglas drinks wine. Alot of wine from what i can tell. He also doesnt seem to go to work. If he does work, its not until after noon, so he can stay up fairly late. Douglas also hates our building manager. I mean hate with a capital H. We have a leak in our bathroom comming from his bathroom, and hes been refusing to let the manager in to his place to fix it. Douglas is also the type of guy that corrects you if you call the building manager the landlord. It really irks him. Douglas is close to 60 and has been living here for 30 years. Thats half of his life drinking and carrying on with loud voices as he does. Douglas likes to get his freak-on with his girlfriend in the wee hours of the morning/night. I dont mind an active social life, as long as i dont have to hear it but.. hes got this squeek in his bed that is loud enough to wake both Christopher and myself out of a deep sleep. He also likes to get his freak on in the tub (believe me i know cause i can hear it), but i believe thats how the leak ended up destroying our ceiling. the story goes like this. Douglas has either kept me and C up, or woken us more than half of the days/nights weve been here so far. This place has thin walls and floors, but like good neighbours we've been biting our tongues. Well, the other night douglas had a lady friend over. They stayed up late drinking (or i assume they were cause youd have to be drunk to hang out with douglas)... so first it was the same crap as always.. loud voices, music.. till after we went to bed.. well till after C was able to fall asleep. I laid there staring at the ceiling where i listened to them walk to the bathroom where they proceeded to have a bath and get funky. It was truely gross -- between the swishing of the water, the squeeking on the bottom of the tub, or the constant Drip drip dripping of their sex water trickling down onto my bathroom floor -- i thought i was going to puke. Finally they quieted down enough for me to fall asleep...not for long of course. We were both woken up by the perverts squeeking bed.. We laid there for a bit.. trying to decide what to do.. but i mean, his bed is LOUD. You could hear it all.. and we really didnt want too. After 2 weeks of his shit, and the fact that Christopher had to get up at 5:30 (it was after 1am by this point) this was the straw that broke the cammels back. Christopher stood straight up in the bed, and gave a sturdy knock on the ceiling at the fornicators. They stopped... for like 2 minutes, and then started back up like nothing had happend. The next day i was home alone.. and douglas was making a ton of noise upstairs. Well.. we had just gotten our computer speakers all hooked up, all 5 of them with a bass box and all. So..every time douglas got loud, i turned up the music. I can play that game.. Anyway, he never came to talk to me or anything... instead he waited until later that night (thank god C was there - or it may have gotten realllly ugly) he came down and knocked on our door. We answered and he said.. ."did i offend you last night"? we said.. "well it wasnt offensive persay but you were keeping us up so i thought id let you know.."
"well id appreciate it if you didnt do that again, its very rude".. we said something about how we dont enjoy listening to him, that hes kept us up more nights than not.. it kinda went back and forth for a bit.. with him getting a bit more beligerant as the conversation went on. Finally, he says.. well im flattered i keep you up, im old enough to be your father. And i quickly say, "ya, but that doesnt mean you get to talk to us like you are, maybe you should come back and we'll discuss this when your not drunk". Well. He sure didnt like that. He started ranting "well stick a finger in your dimple" He headed up the stairs to his place, we closed the door. It wasnt even but 2 minutes that he was back knocking on our door. C opened it, and he started threating to call the cops on us, and that if he did C "would get kicked out of his school and sent to iraq" and then of course ranted some more about my dimples. We got our landlord (sorry... our BUILDING MANAGER) to call the cops... who came promply as they have delt with douglas more than once in the past. They took our statements first, where i pretended to almost cry, accusing him of harrassing us (a cute, nice young military couple) by saying C was going to die in iraq, and that he wanted to touch me inappropriatly. I have to admit, hollywood needs to discover me. Anyway... they went up to douglas' place, where he then tried convince the cops he was right.. and the cops didnt like that. The one thats delt with him before actually said "if i was your neighbour i woudnt like you very much either". As far as im concerned that was the victory right there.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Humans: a definition

This is possibly one of the best things ive seen posted on the net - a must see. Enjoy.

Monday, September 11, 2006

boating and unpacking - oh my

wow.. what a packed weekend, and it sure went fast. We got a call saturday that christophers stuff was arriving sunday. I was enjoying a pleasant day boating when we got the call.

I think my cigarette boat could have gone faster if it wasnt for the chain linking it to the coin box. But, i still had fun.

So, as many of you know, christopher's stuff came from tennesse. The airforce hired a moving company from that area to get his stuff over here. Man, now that guy was "about as country as you can get" according to christopher.

I have not seen a mullet that fine (or that greasy) in a very long time - if ever.

Now, i shot this picture on the sly, so its not very good, but i had to show off this mullet even if it wasnt a great representation of it.

That is also a picture of my font door. Charming isnt it?

We also got a smoking deal on a couch this weekend. Heres christopher, taking the new couch for a test ride, tired out before the mover even came..

and a picture of our technology hub where we sat for hours on the floor infront of the laptop, as weve been without a phone or tv or stereo.

Once we get everything set up, ill take some more pics of what the place looks like all set up.. as it is now, its insane but atleast looks lived in. I also have a table for the laptop, instead of that fancy box that its on in that picture. So, were living the highlife. lol..

I miss you all tons. Take care.

Monday, September 04, 2006

and were back

Ah the joy of wireless internet and unsecured network connections. Thank you to the idiot in my new apartment building im stealing internet from. Howdy all in blog land. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Christopher and i spent most of it in target, and other random stores getting things for the new place. Speaking of which, the new apartment is great. Its a little loud, and a little small, but its home. Its great.. close to base, a spectacular view... and its void of chinese girls with bad sharing manners, and bad bowels. Ill try to see if i can upload a few shots of the view from the living room, but im not sure that i can do it with this weak connection. I swear you can see the ocean as far as you can see to the right or the left. Its a little ways down, but.. god its beautiful. Were on top of this big hill too, so no neighbours to look into our windows either, and it kinda feels like theres only forest between us and the ocean cause of the drop.

Cool eh? Ill send some pics of the actual apartment soon, as soon as we get some furniture - lol... Aparently some things are comming from tennessee tomorrow, but according to the moving company hired by the airforce, they dont tell you WHEN you are getting your things, only that theyll be here before the 25th. Alteast we have internet. I can keep myself fairly entertained with that alone. We went through base today to walk down to monterey, and as it often happens we came accross a deer. I always forget to post about em when we seem em, and it happens so often its almost commen place now, and i almost dont think much on it. Today though, a big buck ran out across our path.. i usually only see fawns and does. As luck has it i just happend to pull out my camera as it passed and i got a pic of it.

Well thats about it for the time being... it looks like im losing my connection. Talk to you all soon!