Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Well well well.. its that time of year again. For those of you who dont know, me and Christopher are flying into nashville, gunna see his mom and brother. We're not staying there though, were only gunna grab his car and then were driving to South Carolina to spend the holiday with his dad. We're then driving back to nashville, spending some time there with his mom, and kidnapping his brother and driving back to california. So, We will be driving from coast to coast. So.. everyone think good thoughts for the weather for our drive back.

Now.. some cool news. Im planning a trip home. I havent booked my ticket yet, we are still in the planning stage of it all... and need to figure out how long Christopher's brother is staying with us. But, its looking like i will be there mid to late January. Im gunna fly into seattle, cause its like 300$ cheaper. So.... my sweet heart rachel has offered to either pick me up, or take me back down to seattle.... so....... that only leaves me needing one ride. So..... if theres any one with a car looking for some extra karma points, lemme know. Ill give you double the points for a trip down to seattle. A great way to make good on any bad things you did at Christmas.. ;)

Well everyone. Stay safe this holiday. Have lots of fun, eat lots of food, and open lots of presents. I miss you all, and cant wait to see you.