Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I told you my socks were too small for your feet!

So, christopher and I have been having this ongoing argument about whether he fits into my socks or not...cause he steals em all the time and i tell him not to. Well, i think we can all see who won that argument today.

Id forgo a pair of socks, even my most comfie ones, just to confirm my rightness in an argument. And i know that a few (if not all) of you would make the same sacrifice.

As for everything else here in monterey... its quiet -- which is nice. Nothing too eventful has happend, but tomorrow is american thanksgiving. We got a bird to stuff and cook, and Christopher has a 4 day weekend. So, technically today is his friday... weeeeeeeeeee!

Ive taken a few random pictures over the last bit here, and wanted to post about em, but they dont really constitute their own post, so.. i figured id do like what sitcoms do when they dont have any bright ideas for a new episode, ill do a clips episode -- a picture montage.

Im not sure this picture turned out well enough for people to be able to tell what it is. I know cause i took it. But, we had the coolest full moon here the other week, and thats a shot of it, comming up between the trees.

This is a picture of el gato. He likes to come in and pose for me. Turned out kinda cool i think. I took like a hundred (ok im exagerating) so i was bound to get a good one. He was in here the other day, and didnt like the fact that i was paying attention to the computer instead of him, so he hopped up infront of the monitor. Please note his unimpressed look. You can really see the fog in that one, when it blows in like that, its like sitting in the clouds -- you can totally just watch them blow by. That day in particular, it was pretty strange.. the fog was rolling in up the hill, then it would receed again, only to slowly crawl back up the hill. It was like the ocean was breathing in cold enough weather to be able to see each breath.

This last shot is the same one that i posted above, i just kinda farked around with it on this arty photoshop like program. I thought it turned out kinda cool, so i figured id post it.

Well, thats the end of my clips montage. Hope you enjoyed it, please tune in again next week, same time, same place.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

here fishy fishy fishy fishy

So we finally went to the aquarium here. Not really alot to say about it, besides the fact that it was HUGE, and filled with a ton of little kids. I guess the pictures are pretty self explanitory.

that creepy thing im touching in this picture is some sort of crap. Yes, your allowed to touch things in this part of the aquarium.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

house guest

So, we have had a friend just begging to come and stay with us, and finally we broke down and let him in.

His name is technically Sachel, but we have dubbed him "el gato" which i believe is spanish for the cat. Lol.. knowing my ability in spanish, weve probably been calling him little tree or something like that for all i know. Anyway, thats his name now as far as im concerned - no matter what it really means. El gato's owner lives upstairs, and over a few apartments. He is NOT douglas's cat as i first believed (thank god). Douglas, by the way has moved out. Hooray for us.

So, anyway.. el gato is one of the nicest cats ive ever met (besides THE Kat of course). He leaps out at you from behind the bushes, to attack you for some vicious petting. He meows ALL the time, even when your petting him he makes this little MAh mah m

ah sort of sound. He also drools if he is really into being pet. This picture is not the most flattering, but it shows you, my dedicated reader, how el gato meows all the time, even when posing for a photograph. Though, this picture was taken on halloween, and i wonder if maybe he wasnt just a tad possessed that night.

He is a very sweet cat. He likes nothing better than just to curl up on your lap and take a nap. It was after him that the term catnap was coined im sure. Dont tell christopher, but I brough him in today again, and he curled up on my belly while i read some stephen king. We both ended up sleeping. Im not sure who drooled more.