Thursday, May 24, 2007

A quick update

Hello everyone. I just thought id give you guys a quick update about whats going on here. Christopher is writing his last exam of his program today, besides the final proficiency exam. That exam, the DLPT, is what will determine where we go and when. His classes are just about done though, with a month to go until his formal graduation, and regardless of what happens with his DLPT he will be passing his program and will have earned college credit for it -- almost a whole BA in language worth of credit. His DLPT is scheduled for mid june i believe, and if he passes that he goes off to Texas for cryptology classes, and then Oregon for survival school. If he passes the DLPT he leaves for these other classes on July 5th, and is scheduled to be in Nebraska for 6 months of flight school on October 15 - where i will be allowed join him. If he doesnt pass the DLPT he goes on a retest status, where they give him 2 months to study his ass off and then take the test again. Of the 5 years that they have had this particular language program here, less that 100 have successfully graduated the Dari program -- and to make things worse, the failure rate of the Dari DLPT is one of the highest for all the languages they offer here on base. So, we will wait and see. Of course we are thinking possitively - and hoping for the best. I thought id let you all know so you could think good thoughts for us too. Hope all is well with everyone. Ill keep you posted about our plans.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Yes, i am awear that most of you are either not canadian or not old enough, and thus have no idea who, or what The Beachcombers was. Regardless, i thought it would be a good title for a post sharing my beach hiking pictures with all of you. With out further ado:


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Sunday, May 06, 2007

**Instert pourly speled titels hear**

You know what makes me sick? People that actually update their blogs daily -- and with interesting lengthy posts no less. I mean, seriously... who has the time or will to do that, let alone the insite to be able to think of something interesting to write about day in and day out?

Funny story, well.. i think its funny.. i was driving Christopher back to class the other day at lunch, and he was pestering me (in a joking way). After he starting poking me in the ribs i decided id have to pull over till he stopped. Im not a big fan of being tickled let alone while im behind the wheel. Anyway, after pulling over, TWICE... he still wasnt getting the picture, so while we were stopped i tossed his wallet out the car window. When he un-did his seat belt and got out of the car to get it i started to drive away. Now dont get me wrong, i didnt speed off and just leave him there, im not mean like that. However, i also didnt stop to let him back in. I did manage to slow down enough that he could jump in with out hurting himself.

Other than that, things are cool, well.. warm to be more exact. It was beautiful out today, and its looking like its gunna be that way all week. Its a good week for it, cause christophers twin brother is going to be flying into town tomorrow or the next day (hes flying standby -- good times). The last time he came it was just after christmas, and the weather was ok for winter, but it was still fairly chilly. Its georgous out now, so, thats cool.

K im out of things to say, like i said a few paragraphs ago, im just not that insitefull. Hope everyone is doing good. Im missing all you vancouverites like crazy.