Saturday, October 06, 2007

well informed

You know, I have a bad feeling about this post, cause, like other created in boredom, they just dont have that entertaining quality that I hope for. So, consider this a warning.

Hello all of you left reading my blog. Its been a while, so I thought Id say hello. The zombie in the attic gives its greetings as well. I swear its scratching in code. It says some nights that it wants to feed on my supple brain. Others it just says that its bored. Thanks to you all for your great suggestions on how to rid my paranormal phenomena, but, i have decided not to do anything about it. I dont want to anger it, it has not been malicious to me, so, why should i be malicious to it? Secondly, it was here first, so... possession is like 9/10th of the law right? According to the zombie, this is their apartment.

Things in omaha are quiet... mostly cause C is out of town at the moment. But, we have the house set up finally, and i know i know, i need to take some pictures of it for you guys. Those of you that are still reading this blog at wont have the good fortune of seeing these pictures, as i have given up posting them here because it takes to much effort. Instead, as some of you know, i finally caved, and made a facebook account, where its super easy to upload pictures. So, if you wanna see some T pics, you have to get a facebook account (ahem Tom and Mel).
Anyway, Omaha. Its been kind of stormy here, and its pretty cool watching the lightening and stuff. But, this morning, an alarm woke me up, and it wasnt my clock alarm. The tornado warning siren was going off. It was a freeky way to be woken up thats for sure. But, the house is still here, and I dont see a yellow brick road so, all is well.

For those of you following my grief with my citizenship application, I have found out some more information about this process. A few months ago, they changed the prices of the different forms you have to send in. One of these forms has been jacked to 930$ from 340$! What a rip off. Man, they must be raking it in. That is just one of the changes, i was too shocked/disgusted/afraid to look to see what the rest of the price changes were. So, that kind of put a wrench in the spokes to say the least. Also, and im sure this will please my mother, if not more of you, i have found out that i need to have a passport, with a stamped entry in to the US to prove my arrival date. Ya ya, you know what this means -- i have to come home again. I have to get a passport, and then fly back here. Im thrilled to be able to see you all, but, im a little frustrated that i didnt just go ahead and get it the last time i was back. Although, i guess that wouldnt solve the problem im in, cause id still be coming back in order to fly back to the US to get it stamped. So, no date yet, but I will be coming back sooner or later.

The kittens are getting big, Minouche is a pig, and monopolizes the food dish. I put down 2 dishs, but he just eats out of what ever one tibbits is trying to get to. So, we have one kitty thats a lot bigger than the other. Plus, Tibbits is way more active than Minouche, so, well.. im preparing myself for Minouche to be a big Fat-Pat cat (fat pat, is my loving new nickname for him).

Well, thats it for my update. Hope all is awesome with you guys! take care! xxooo