Tuesday, July 10, 2007

oh yeah...

Did i forget to mention that im taking a little 2 week detour to vancouver?

Monday, July 09, 2007

rollin' rollin' rollin'

Well the ball has started rolling, and like a snowball at the top of a very large hill, this sucker has got its momentum and its not stopping. The ball is moving.. I am moving -- quite literally! It just kind of hit me, the other day... when the moving company guy came to asses my house. Its very strange, cause i put in my moving request as Christopher was getting his travel arrangements for texas, so, i wasnt really thinking about my request. How it works is like this: I apply for a day that i want my crap packed and moved, and they confirm or deny that. So, i wasnt really thinking much about my move, cause I hadnt heard about my confirmation, and with Christopher gone, i just wasnt going to ponder it until i had my follow up meeting with the transportation office on base -- which isnt until this comming friday. This appointment is where im supposed to hear about my moving date confirmation. But, the moving company called, and like i said, they sent some one to come do the assessment to see what all i have to move... and they say i got the date i requested.. which means im homeless in less than a month. In fact, Im homeless in less than 3 weeks, cause i gave myself enough time to drive to omaha and look for places before the months end. The movers are comming the 26th, and all of a sudden i am wishing that i had booked it a few days earlier. Watch out for that snow boulder down below!!! Run! At least the military moves all your crap for you. They pack it and everything -- which is cool, and very odd and uncomfortable at the same time. So, that is me. How are all you? i SAID.. how are all of YOU???