Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Corn, Heat, and tornado warnings: a tale of nebraska

Hello all, I just wanted to let those who read this thing, if there are any of you left, know that C and I arrived in omaha. We found a cool place, and have been busy trying to find ways to fill it up. You probably could fit 2.5 of our last apartments in here, not to mention its got super tall ceilings so it looks even bigger.
The week we first got here, we stayed in a hotel while we looked for a place. We arrived at about 1am, so had no idea what the area surrounding the hotel looked like. The next morning, i drew the curtains to see that (and i shit you not), we were surrounded by miles of corn. I had kind of just assumed that everyone was exaggerating about the corn, but, apparenly they werent. The first week we got here, there was also a heat wave. Ive felt hot before, but not humidity like this. It was almost as if I was stepping into the bathroom somewhere in hell while the devil was taking a shower. Hot and wet. This week the temperature has subsided. But, only cause they are having some of the worst thunderstorms they have had in a while here. I have never seen anything like it... and I am almost certain that the extreemness of the storms are my fault. The first storm we saw, we watched from our car. It started a few miles away, and we watched as the fork lightning struck down about 20 times or so. Looked really awesome. That one came and went over head, and i was left saying to chris "that wasnt so bad, i thought it was gunna be more scary after what everyone said about the storms". Well, 2 days later, we were home when the next one hit. It was so bad that the sky turned so dark it looked like 10pm and it was 5. The lighting and thunder went on so long that it seemed like hours, and the sky lit up so much that the street light sensor thought it was day, and it turned off half way through the storm. About 30 minutes into it, I heard this siren, turned to Chris and asked what it was, and saw with his reluctance in tellign me that it wasnt any normal siren. Apparently it was a tornado siren. Weeeeeeee. But, things are well... miss you all. t