Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fairs and gang wars -- oh my!

So, as some of you have gathered from random posts on peoples Face book walls, I was at the local fair last week, waiting in line for a ride, when we heard about 10gun shots. Me and Christopher were at the fair with a friend of ours, Ben, and we all just kind of looked at each other like "was that what we think it was" and then 2 seconds later a herd of people came charging at us yelling "gun"! Well, its loud at the fair, games and rides and people yelling, and loud music, so it was hard to tell what was really going on. We ran with the people, to the other side of the ride strip (when a group of running people yell gun, you run first, ask questions later). We ran about 20 feet, really, just to the other side of the middle strip of the fair where the rides were, and on this side, people were still playing games, and just sort of milling about. We all just sort of looked at each other, standing next to the game where there is a wall of balloons, where you have to throw darts at them and pop them to win a prize. We hear 3 balloons pop in a row, and look at each other wondering if thats what we may have heard. I of course, being the naive canadian, assumed that because there was no more commotion, and because the rides hadnt all shut down, that it must have been a car back firing or the balloon game, and i start to walk back determined to get my money's worth of my ride pass. Just at that very second, like 75+ people came charging right at us again, even more panicked than last time, all screaming, pushing, and fighting their way away from where the gun was going off. Unfortunately, the fair was fenced in, and we were all at the back of the grounds by the fence, trapped. So, we all pushed as far as we could, towards the fence, then walked/ran upwards along it towards the front gate. We learned on the way that the shots occurred in the parking lot, right on the other side of the fence that we were walking along, right on the other side of where we were standing in line to get on a ride -- about 20 feet away from us. No one was hit, and I guess what happened was there were shots exchanged between 2 groups of people. There were what seemed like a billion cops there with in a matter of seconds, and they took a ton of people in. After we got out the front gate, we were walking along the main road, trying to walk back to Ben's apartment where we parked. Ben wanted to cut through the parking lot. He turned in, and I looked over to see where he was going, saw like 5 cops with their guns drawn, and a hand full of people laying on the ground getting handcuffed, like right in the path that Ben was taking, not but 10 feet in front of us. I just grabbed him by the shoulder and steered him back to the sidewalk and said "i think well take the long way".


Aims said...

Crazy! It's a shame that we can't go somewhere and enjoy ourselves w/o violence and bloodshed.

I'm happy to hear that you are okay! Are you going to WA tonight?!?

Aims said...

Probably was me, I was up/down 25th all weekend, LOL!

Hope you get to feeling better and we should exchange e-mail addresses too! :)