Monday, June 11, 2007

playing tourist

So, its been a pretty full week, and first off let me say happy birthday to all my friends who have had birthdays in the last little bit. Happy birthday Kat, Cheryl, and sarah. Hope you all had great days, and got all the goods you hoped for. As for us, we've been playing tourist. Blake called last monday to tell us that he was flying out the next day to come see us. We went to san fran to pick him up, but his luggage went to san jose, so we stopped there to get his stuff on the way back. So, we've been hanging with blake, gone to the aquarium, the beaches, out to eat and what not.... Im hoping next weekend were gunna go to the santa cruz board walk -- rides and roller coasters and what not... Ive been trying to get Christopher to go for some time now, so its the perfect excuse. That, and if he passes his test this week, he will be gone in 3 weeks, so were running out of time. He starts his test tomorrow, and it goes until friday. He tests for the Farsi DLPT starting next tuesday, and it goes till thursday i believe. 2 weeks of testing, YAY!... i remember when i was horrified at my first 3 hour exam. I would have died to have tests so long they lasted 3 full days! So, anyway... thats what the deal is here. Hope all you vancouverites are enjoying the rain.. hehehe. Miss you!


Anonymous said...

I love playing tourist in my own town! You get to see all the things you'd never bother to go to while living here. Although it would be fun to take someone to all the places you do normally see. "This is where I work....Here's the bank I normally go to...Oh! There's the Tim Hortons, and the Chevron...."
Whilst in Cuba I thought we'd have an awesome tourgide, the fella my friend was marrying. Unfortunately for us he was more excited about being allowed into the hotel and using all it's amenities. As far as he was concerned all the nearby cities were boring and had nothing worthwhile to see, so we were on our own. Funny too...we got back from Havana, and he's like, "Did you see the two big churches? The gov't buildings? etc...etc..." Uh, no. We walked aimlessly with no tourgide and happened across whatever caught our eye. Thanks. Fucker. Not to say I didn't have a fabulous time regardless.
Anyways, thanks for the lovely birthday wishes. Lotsa good luck for Christopher, he won't need much I'm sure, so he can spare some to his favorite classmate.

Mama said...

wonderful pics. you are getting to be quite the photographer. I thought the story about tickling Chris and the moving vehicle was quite entertaining. How long did you go before he started speaking to you again.

itinerant_tee said...

Hey cheryl... Nice to hear from you! How was your birthday? I heard it rained... :(
Did you get my card? Are you still staying in Langly?

Im glad you had a good time in cuba. Your pictures were just beautiful. I was trying to pick a favorite, but they are all so pretty that i love em all.

Christopher has done 2 days of his test, and has his speaking test left tomorrow. He doesnt feel that he did very well on the reading test -- so i guess theres a pretty good chance that he is going to be here another 2 months on retest status. We will find out next thursday.

Miss you guys -- xxoo