Thursday, June 21, 2007

in the loop

Howdy everyone... hope this post find you all well. Christopher has almost finnished all his tests, he only has one section left of the Farsi DLPT. His Dari test seems to have gone well (knock on wood), and we will know for sure by tomorrow afternoon. He has his graduation next thursday, and i believe his mother is comming into town for that. Blake left a couple of days ago. The weekend before he left we all went to the Santa Cruz board walk with 2 couples from Christophers class. It was very cool... rides right on a huge beach. Some really cool rides too. Some one took a couple of pictures, but im not sure if ill ever see them or what they are of, but if you want to see what it looks like at the boardwalk heres the link.
( Well thats about it, just wanted to keep you in the loop with the tests and all. Miss you guys..


mama said...

In the computer repair debasco, I lost your email addresses. Please send me email from each.

Your uncle Ben has scored your Uncle Buck's famous recipe for hush puppies only after I promised you would never breath a hint of the secret ingredients to anyone, anywhere, anytime. All I can say is they were the best hush puppies I've tasted in over thirty years.


mama said...

Mama here again. I'm posting here because I tried to post in the lastest bog but the lastest bog kept telling me to fill out the required data but THERE WAS NO REQUIRED DATA TO FILL OUT!
Sorry, was I shouting again. Well its all because I've lost your email address and I wanted to tell you about taking my new eleven year old to Canadian Tire and how I let her out of my sight for ten seconds. Honest Officer. It was only ten seconds. Long enough for her to find the bicycles. I looked up and she comes riding around the end of the isle on a bicycle and runs smack into the display of fans. The unfortunate part was that none of the fans fell on her. Just this old lady...woops sorry. let me help you get up. Are you all right. No. I don't have any idea whose kid that was that ran away but someone should jerk a knot in the tail of that parent.