Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas travel plans

I think ive told most of you through facebook, but for those that i missed, i thought id let you know that Im comming home for a visit in 2.5 weeks. I get in on december 4th and am leaving the 18th. Ill be there long enough to get sick of you all, and the rain -- long enough for omaha to look appealing again. Other than that, things are the same here. Quiet, the weather is great, getting cold finally but, its been sunny almost every day for the last 2 months. Ill take the cold over grey pissy rain. I heard that the weather is ok in van, no snow yet, unlike last year, so im keeping my fingers crossed that itll stay nice until i get there. Next week, were going to Christophers mom's place for thanksgiving, were staying for just under a week, and then i leave for van a few days after we get back. Then a few days after i get back here, were going back to Christophers moms place for the holidays (or at least part of em). Im excited to be doing so much travelling -- and to get to go home close enough to dec 25th to feel like i was home for christmas. See those of you that live in van soon! Those of you that dont, i hope all is well... happy thanks giving to the americans.

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