Wednesday, September 12, 2007

omaha hauntings

There is some sort of supernatural phenomena occuring in the place we moved into. I think that its possible that a zombie lives in the attic... and just the other night, it was scratching to get at me. I swear it has to be a zombie, cause a rodent wouldnt have been scratching in the same room i was in, right above my head, and it would have scurried off when i hit the wall. It also wouldnt have scratched in the same spot for an hour and a half. I have come to the conclusion that it must be a zombie and not a ghost, cause why would a ghost scratch? would it not just float through the ceiling...? Also, although not as impressive as the zombie in the attic tale, the other night, we turned out all the lights and went to bed, but something awoke us around 3am. The dinning room light had been turned on (the room right out side our bedroom). Its happend 2 other times since, so no, we did not forget to turn out the light. Also, often, when you shut the bathroom door, after it shuts, it loudly pulls against itself, like some one is on the other side of the door pulling at it with one swift tug. So yeah, the house is haunted.. with zombies that have telekinesis.


Mama said...

eeewww. You must love that. While living with me, as I read cards and told ghost stories, you showed zero interest in anything paranorma. ZERO. You were a big disappointment to me. I was told you would have ten times my psychic powers. So great, the card reader told me, that I would not be able to imagine what you would be able to do. It shook me up so much I promptly took you to the numerologtist to help you create a new you. I reasoned it out carefully. If you were going to be so powerful,I sure didn't want to get on the bad side of you.

Keep me posted on the midnight ghostly rambling. Since I don't believe in zombies, although I have considered the possibility of little green men living in the walls, I think you have a full fledged ghost on your hands. Is there anyone around who knows someone who lived there before you?

Melanie said...

There is only one thing to do with telekinetic zombies: voodoo. The doll must be entirely made out of plants, all of which must be gathered on the 11th hour before the moon reaches it's second cycle. There are more complicated incantations but for beginners there is always the good old pin in the crotch.

Good luck!

Poozy said...

T! LONG TIME NO SEE! I have not been to visit your Blog in quite a while. Like the new updates and postings. Those cats are really cool. I hope all is well in Omaha!

School is going well for me. Got A's n B's on my first round of Exams....

I would call or write or something but I only have C's Cell # and I forgot your e-mail addy........ :( ( I know, typical me right!.....)

The weather here has been awsome. It's finally starting to cool off a bit. It's about time!

Work is also going good. I like it. Nothing to terribly exciting happens there but that's kinda how I like it.

I got to thinking the other day, I don't do a whole lot of that in the first place but...... Christmas is like 8 weeks away! I need some ideas as to what to get C and You..... And Yes I'm actually going to get you something not have my mom do it and put my name on it!!! HAHAAH!! But seriously I need some ideas. I kinda got an idea for C but I'm not sure. I need yalls home # or your e-mail or something so we can get this all hashed out.

I like to shop early you know! Why you ask???... Well two reasons mainly.
A. If you shop early you MISS all the sales and you get to pay full-price!

B. By the time I'm done procrastinating the sales have started and reason A no longer applies!

I love the way that works out!

I hope you are doing well and the kitty cats too! Be sure and feed them lots of wet cat food and bacon grease! I want to see some 50-70 lb. 6 month old kittens by X-mas!!

Hope all is well in Omaha and yalls new place. Minus the Zombies of course! Shoot me an e-mail or a phone-call some time so I can get yalls new number & e-mail.....

Take Care. Miss yall.



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Anonymous said...

Gerardo ftw!?