Monday, July 09, 2007

rollin' rollin' rollin'

Well the ball has started rolling, and like a snowball at the top of a very large hill, this sucker has got its momentum and its not stopping. The ball is moving.. I am moving -- quite literally! It just kind of hit me, the other day... when the moving company guy came to asses my house. Its very strange, cause i put in my moving request as Christopher was getting his travel arrangements for texas, so, i wasnt really thinking about my request. How it works is like this: I apply for a day that i want my crap packed and moved, and they confirm or deny that. So, i wasnt really thinking much about my move, cause I hadnt heard about my confirmation, and with Christopher gone, i just wasnt going to ponder it until i had my follow up meeting with the transportation office on base -- which isnt until this comming friday. This appointment is where im supposed to hear about my moving date confirmation. But, the moving company called, and like i said, they sent some one to come do the assessment to see what all i have to move... and they say i got the date i requested.. which means im homeless in less than a month. In fact, Im homeless in less than 3 weeks, cause i gave myself enough time to drive to omaha and look for places before the months end. The movers are comming the 26th, and all of a sudden i am wishing that i had booked it a few days earlier. Watch out for that snow boulder down below!!! Run! At least the military moves all your crap for you. They pack it and everything -- which is cool, and very odd and uncomfortable at the same time. So, that is me. How are all you? i SAID.. how are all of YOU???


Melanie said...

Of course he passed! I said so and I'm always right.

So you have to drive down there and find a place alone? Yikes, adult stuff eww. Call or email if you need some moral support, I love bitching.

If you want to be ready for the movers you might want to hid all underwear... and you might want to pack up that leather swing in your living room yourself. ;)

You remind me, I need to do some blogging myself, so many updates to be told to everyone at once. My lazy ass is on it...

Take care T


PS hi Kat too

itinerant_tee said...

good to hear from you! i emailed you the other day... you never got back to me. I need your phone number!

Mama said...

The ball is definitely moving. It must be strange to take care of all of this alone. I think this is your first move without a significant other or friend to help...but of course you have the army to pack for you. Woose. How do you spell woose anyway. Where is my word spell check when I need it.

mama said...

There was a time when you wouldn't go into seven eleven by yourself.

wow. I'm amazed at how much you've ok. since last summer fourteen years ago.)