Saturday, April 14, 2007

david blaine street magic spoof

Um... ya.


Anonymous said...

you always find the best things on youtube! i sat here laughing maniacally throughout the whole'll prolly get nightmares
the guy doing the david blaine "look" just too too perfect!

i miss you, and i love you, and i will try to get on msn tomorrow to chat with you (at a reasonable hour!) coz guess who got FIRED??? ok, i'll give you a's ME! (ok, so that was less of a hint than a spoiler, but ah well! lol) i;m not wicked upset, but am kinda pissed...details tomorrow! lol (now i bet you REALLY wanna talk to me, hey? anything i can use to get more t time! lol)
love you sweet girl!
kat xxx

Oakley said...

lmao, at first i thought it was actually david blaine, and then im like, oh fucking jesus, this is ridiculous

itinerant_tee said...

Yeah that skit is pretty funny. Im gunna post another one soon. Dont go looking for it, cause youll just spoil my fun.

Kat, you dont have to tell me bad news to make me want to talk to you. I havent seen you online in what seems like months now, and im dying to talk to you. Id call, but you never emailed me your phone number like you said you would. *tsk tsk*... knowing you, you probably dont even know it yet.
Anyways, i miss you tons, Ill be around most of tonight (sunday night) and off and on throughout the day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

lol- yea, i still haven't memorised my phone number, but it's ok, coz i'm not really using the downstairs number anymore- if you call tan's line, i'll prolly answer anyways! lol i'll be around tomorrow, and will try to get online in the afternoon, tho that's primetime for the teens... dammit! i miss you so fucking much... take care sweetie, and will ttys!!!!
kat xxx